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Defensive Driving Program Summary

overviewoverviewAM Session – Theory – Comprehensive multi-media presentation on driving and road safety.
PM Session – Practical – Range of exercises to develop emergency car control skills.
*Please note this may vary at some venues.

Theory content includes

  • Understanding human factors
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Managing and reducing risks associated with driving
  • Vehicle performance and systems

This is no boring class room session. There is plenty of time for group discussion and interaction and the content is presented using interesting examples, videos and pictures. The skills component is hands-on and includes

  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Seating position
  • Steering technique.
  • Simulated emergency braking exercises
  • Low speed maneuvering exercises

Exercises are designed so that drivers can safely explore the effects of speed, road surface and different braking systems when faced with an emergency.

On average – each driver will complete 10-12 emergency stops during the day – receiving valuable instruction along the way.

Our training team is professional, qualified and friendly. They will make sure you feel safe and gain the most from the course.


At the completion of the course it is expected that all drivers will demonstrate:

  • An awareness of how risk taking and motivation can affect your safety on the road
  • How to identify potential hazards and avoid them
  • Improved vision while driving
  • An understanding of the risks associated with alcohol, drugs and fatigue
  • The importance of correct tyre pressures and condition of tires
  • The importance of seat belts and other safety devices in the vehicle
  • How to minimize distractions and loose objects in the vehicle
  • How to identify different braking systems and how to use them effectively
  • How speed can effect stopping distances
  • A responsible attitude to self, other road users and community
  • How to apply defensive driving techniques
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