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overviewDefensive Skill Training .Com Sdn Bhd is a service provider for defensive driving courses throughout Malaysia. We are passionate about the role our 'courses can play in the bigger picture of making the roads - a safer place for everyone, our aim is to provide courses in every state.

Our friendly instructors place great-emphasis on - not only teaching you the necessary skills to make the roads safer for yourself and the community, but to also provide a 'interactive' and 'comfortable' learning environment.

Many of you may consider yourselves good drivers and the chances are you are pretty good. Even a 'good' driver often make mistakes, albeit less - the 'average' driver who makes upward over a thousand mistakes in their driving lifetime, and acknowledging our mistakes and improving on them is the fundamental difference between a 'good' driver (VS) a 'great' driver.

The average driver today drives either too fast, too close to others, changes lane too frequently and become 'complacent' and 'inattentive' while behind the wheel.

For the average person, avoiding an accident today- is more a matter of good-luck than driving-skills, and hopefully we can change all that.

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